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Not featured on MTV, but this is my crib. 🛌 🎨


In 2019 I moved apartments five times, between three different continents. 
That experience was all I could have ever dreamed of, and I hope I can live more like that again one day. However, with the madness since 2020, being forced to create a home base for a few years has given me the opportunity to focus on growing in other ways. 


For the past two and a half years, I've been working mostly-remotely from this space as an Art Director for different ad agencies. But after hours, the laptop 👩🏻‍💻 goes away and the space transforms into a studio. The literal kind, not the real estate kind.  


Apartment line illustration on paper in hand 

As I wrote in my bio, illustrations for me are a form of journaling 📓.
I use them to remember places I've been or things as I remember them.
I initially drew this piece in 2021, but a lot has changed since then.



During years of moving, I never had time to make a space feel like home.
So, as the pandemic went on and I realized I'd be here for a while, I finally committed to investing in things that wouldn't fit in a suitcase -
(like plants 
🪴🌿🌱, a keyboard 🎹, and art 🖼).


I usually don't go back and rework drawings, but I wanted my drawing of home to feel, well, like home. So, here's the same space, modified in early 2022.  


Studio Illustration


The updates included both plants and prints. If you look closely, there are Easter eggs of other pieces I've done, journals I've drawn in, and bits of my favorite stationery throughout. 


Finally, I have just updated this piece one more time, masking the frame of art that's not mine, so I can include this print in the shop here - just in case anyone likes my plant-filled, moderately-cluttered wonderland. 


I'm excited to see and share how this place continues to change.
And, if anyone has any suggestions for my next plant,
please let me know in the comments section! 🪴✍️

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