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Oat Books

Oat Books started out of a love for pretty packaging, but stuck with me once I learned that these 'pretty packages' are virtually un-recyclable.


In book binding, the thick protective board used for covers is one of the most expensive materials to purchase. So, as I stared at this cute packaging, which was built to last forever, it hit me that I could repurpose these waterproof cartons into covers themselves. 📘

It wasn't until later that I learned that this packaging (whether you put it in the recycling bin or not) will likely still end up in a landfill. In fact, only 16% of beverage cartons are recycled in the US. Forbes 🤯

As soon as I learned this, I wondered how I could save more cartons than just the ones I consumed at home. ♻️ And how I could make more of these.


Fast forward one year of hoarding cartons myself and now I'm working with my local coffee shop, Suite Habana Cafe, to upcycle their cartons too! I've worked out a standard process and size that helps me make them in batches and so far we've saved over 40 cartons from landfills.

I'll be continuously working on refining this process until one day the US figures out a way to get these recycled for good!

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I turned a Nike Shoebox into a journal. The exposed strings emulate Nike laces and clothing, and the shape almost emulates that of a fuel carton.

Nike ShoeBook

I'm not one for shoes...but I do love a good box. This is the largest book I've bound to date. Currently the pages are empty, but I'd love the chance to bind a book of photography or graphics one day.


I tried something new by exposing the binding strings, which are a small reminder of Nike laces and clothing. Inside pockets are sewn in for a similar effect.


I've also chosen to keep one flap of the box to maintain not only the entire swoosh, but a hint of the shoe box it once was. Coincidentally, the new shape reminds me of a fuel carton, which makes sense for the brand that fuels athleticism.

Ohza book

This book binding mission has had the most amazing support from friends, family, and the community of Suite Habana Cafe. One part of that community happens to be Joe Jonas. So, when he launched his own canned sangria, I had to try it.

Then, naturally, once I saw the cartons they came in, I had to turn them into books.

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