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Nice to meet you 👋.
I'm Sera, an illustrator and book-binder based out of Miami, Florida.


I've always been a journaler. I’m the weirdo that actually fills entire diaries. But, after years of collecting ticket stubs, receipts, and things to go in my journals, I realized I could turn collected materials into journals. 

Now, no cardboard is safe from becoming a cover. But, even better, I've realized that I could upcycle some of the world's least-recyclable materials (like beverage cartons) to keep them out of landfills - one journal at a time.


Line Drawings

My illustration style emerged as another form of journaling. As a very mediocre photographer, these drawings are how I remember the world.

I have a particular love of trains and coffee shops, but will be expanding the collection to encompass all the places I’ve lived as I go. 


Day Job

When I'm not making a mess of my apartment/studio, I'm working as an art director. I've been lucky enough to work in many places, including London, Hamburg, Tokyo, and Miami at companies such as Facebook, DAVID the Agency and now a new type of ad agency called AKQA Bloom.

Find some of my day-job work

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