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Since you're reading this, you can probably tell already, but launch day is here!!! 🫶🏼💕

After years of trying to figure out my style, my medium, and my voice, it finally felt right to take the next step. 


Before this year, I'd opened countless Instagram accounts, experimented with so many hobbies and I doubted being able to find and show clarity for who I am as an artist. I always knew I would never be hyper-focused on any one thing, but now I’ve finally realized that that's okay. So for now, no new handles, no new brands, just a site and LLC that’s totally me 😌. 


And yet, after all this searching, I did find one common thread in my work. 


Both my book-binding and my illustrations were born out of a love for preserving and remembering places, memories, and moments. My books are a space for written memories. And, as an admittedly less-than-gifted photographer, my illustrations have become my way of visual journalism.  


From capturing some of the most unconsidered facades (like a subway entrance) to beloved local coffee shops, I hope these prints can provide a playful memory of these places that we bring life to. 

Baumwall U-Bahn Entrance Hamburg


Thank you so much to the coffee shops featured on my site! I hope these prints can help people remember their favorite homes away from home! ☕️ 


Thank you to all my friends and family, who put up with me being selfish with my time to finally get this done 🫶🏼💕. 


This is more than a shop, it will be an open journal as I figure out how to continue turning all of these hobbies into a life. Thank you to everyone who has followed along so far. You've pushed me to dream bigger ☄️. 

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